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Amazing Art Deco handbag with original fittings, by Evans USA.
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It's true that you need a very good reason to pay 280 for a handbag, but we do believe that this one is worth every penny! It's a beautiful, chocolate brown leather, art-deco style boxbag dating from between the wars, in excellent condition, with an adjustable strap and multiple pockets.

It's a good size, measuring between approximately 8 and 7 inches across (21.5 to 17 cms), 8 inches (21 cms) high, and 2 inches (5 cms) deep. The strap measures approximately 17 inches (44.5 cms) doubled (ie, as a hand strap), or 32 inches (81 cms) as a shoulder strap.

You can see from the photos how shiny it is, with no scratches to speak of, and how 'squared-off' the whole is - no curves, just clean lines - even the minor fittings are straight as possible! The clasp is a chevron on a rectangle, the strap accents are eppaulette-esque and even the gold tone edges are deco style.

Inside is plenty of room, despite the 6 pockets, 3 on each side. The brand name, 'Evans', is stamped just above one pocket; this is the American firm, makers of high-end handbags (as used by Joan Crawford and other screen lovelies), not the British department store.

The pockets are designed specifically to hold the handbag essentials shown here: a cigarette case, compact, comb, coin purse (shown separately), mirror, and lipstick holder (still with lipstick inside). Stylistically, they match the bag, though only the compact carries the name.

Faults and flaws are minimal: inside the bag is spotless, in unused condition; outside, there are two small and one somewhat larger scratch - all shallow - on the front of the bag. Of the accessories, the comb and mirror both show signs of use: one tooth of the former is bent, and the latter appears to have been removed (partially or fully) from its backing at some point, and then stuck back; some of the silvering has been damaged. The lipstick holder, as I say, still contains lipstick. Although not perfect, this is certainly in remarkably good, used condition; and although Evans is a well-known vintage make, I have never seen a specimen quite as handsome as this before!


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