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Vintage 1950s lucite box bag by Majestic.
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For those of you who don't know: HRH Princess Mimi is the name of a very old poodle, who belonged to an extremely eccentric old lady (who happens to have been my great-aunt). When she died, my great-aunt left her house and all her possessions to the Princess , with the understanding that the possessions were to be sold to keep HRH in the manner to which she had become accustomed. Since then, I have trawled through the attics and wardrobes of this big, old house and presented for sale a number of delectable items through this website (inevitably, there was also a great deal of junk and less interesting stuff); and inevitably, I have occasionally come across items that I hesitate to sell - just yet!

Well, this is one of them - but I have decided that its day has finally come! Much as I LOVE just looking at it, it really needs to go to someone who will appreciate and use it!

It is made from clear lucite (which makes it really hard to photograph; hence you will see that some photographs have been taken with the bag stufed with red tissue paper), with an all-over pattern of black flowered lace, the centre of each flower being sliver. The ends, frame, clasp, handle fixings and hinges are gold-coloured metal.

It sits on four little gold-metal feet, and measures approximately (please take into account its rounded shape) 7 inches (18 cms) high, by 5 inches (14 cms) deep by 3 inches (7.5 cms) it is a dinky little thing, but will nevertheless hold a good deal - squared off, that would give around 115 square inches internally!

Of course, it's not perfect; there are very minor signs of wear to the metal edges, and very minor scratches on the handle, but really nothing particularly noticeable; the most obvious fault is the extra silvering on the top flap (which I don't believe would show up in use anyway, as there would be objects inside).

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Princess Mimi believes that you can only feel confident about buying lovely things on the internet if you can have a really good look at them. Here are all the pictures she has of this item - as usual, clicking on any picture will produce a large version of the picture - some of the files can be quite large....

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