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Specialising in vintage clothing and accessories from the last century...

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Guaranteed 50% buy-back with no time limit (OK, call it 'garment hire')
...and now our unique 'I bought it' system.

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Our printed ring-bound samplers are a unique way to get acquainted with some of our stock without having to have a computer around - and you can use them to EARN or SAVE you real money!!

They are issued quarterly and each sampler carries an unique code. You, or your friends, or your customers, type in the code to get a 5% discount when buying ANY items for sale on the site, AND we will automatically add 5% of the purchase price to your account. Next quarter, we will send you a cheque, and a new up-to-date sampler with new goodies added and sold items removed.

Who can have one? Anyone really! If you're as keen on wearing, holding and owning beautiful clothes and accessories from the last century as the Princess, then you'll do! If you have a business dealing with like minded people you could have one and earn commission on any sales you generate.

Waiting rooms are ideal. Hairdressers, solicitors, nail salons, doctors - any place where people have a little time on their hands, and might like to browse our stock. All they have to do is remember the website address, the simple code, and they'll get their discount and you'll get your commission.

Pass it around! Have you seen a few things you'd like on the site? Apply for a sampler, use the code in the sampler to get your instant 5% discount, and then pass it on to your friends. If they buy anything off the site, using your code, your next cheque will be that bit larger.

How am I doing? When you're enrolled in our sampler scheme, you can log in at any time to see your account and how much you've earned this quarter. You can also tell us if you would like your sampler to concentrate on particular clothes types (swimwear, dresses, bags &c), or decades (1920's-1960's), or even colours.

To apply to join our sampler scheme, please fill in the form below.

  • Your sampler will contain full details of 40/50 gorgeous items currently on sale on our website and will arrive in the post soon after your application is approved.
  • Every sampler will have an unique 4 letter code which will earn an immediate 5% discount on purchases, and 5% commission to the sampler owner.
  • Samplers will be replaced every quarter by post.

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